Universal Web of Things

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At Universal WoT, we’re building a network of like minded software and network engineers intent on steering the current state of industrial and consumer Internet of Things away from the business model resembling early Internet history, when fatal mistakes bankrupt the first large web and network providers.

The improvements to a closed off network that our vision carries allows users to leverage a open web of things to their individual advantage. It’s this universal nature that we incorporate in the project name, and promote the concepts in question by instructing, publishing, and consulting industrial groups while relating the historical value of open interfaces in a real web of things.

Target Audience

Universal WoT attracts skilled web developers by instruction at workshops, and informs industrial groups through consultation. Our web of things perspective and experience appeals to companies at times of strategic migration from legacy production (of products of their own) while building our reputation as technology integrators.

Promotion Strategy

The project differentiates itself from competing IoT/WoT through a clear inclination towards interoperability between products. For example, a Home Automation OEM might use parts from different brands with incompatible technologies and profit from our proficiency at integrating the things into one network.

This niche perspective of opening otherwise closed systems is supported by producing online workshops, delivering physical lectures, and providing consulting services.

In the short time since the Internet of things has been identified as such, we have built competence (and even formed partnerships with some vendors) of highly regarded product brands.

Productive experience is gained from past integration of products from:

  • Intel
  • Philips
  • Mozilla
  • Fibaro
  • Estimote
  • ARM mbed
  • Samsung
  • Beagleboard
  • Raspberry Pi

Venture Funding

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The Universal WoT project is presently seeking an investment partner to work with existing management and engineering staff. For information, please contact management .

A business plan is available on request.

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Michael Schloh von Bennewitz is a computer scientist specializing in network software, mobile computing, and client server design. Responsible for research and development of open Web of Things and Internet of Things systems as well as maintanance of packages in several community software repositories, he actively nourishes the Opensource development ecosystem.

Michael speaks at technical events every year. He has lectured for companies and events including Cable & Wireless, Nokia, Intel, the Linux Foundation, Mobile World Congress, DroidCon, AstriCon, and ClueCon. His privacy work is part of the Tor Project and Firefox, and he is a Intel Innovator with the mandate to promote IoT technology.

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Professor Ulrich Norbisrath, PhD has more than 20 years of industrial and academic experience in Software Engineering and Systems Integration. He has supported the start-up of several software development companies as well as consulted tech companies in questions of Systems Integration, Mobile, and Cloud Computing. He provides a deep technical understanding of mobile technologies and their integration with cloud services — both from an academic as well as an industrial perspective. He raised significant grants on Cloud, Mobile, and High Performance Computing at universities in Europe and Central Asia. He is a published book author in the area of Software and Requirements Engineering. Being connected through his immediate family to US Diplomatic services, he is very well traveled and can call on a worldwide network of international experts. He is currently employed as a professor at the University Applied Sciences Upper Austria in their Mobile Computing program. He received his PhD from one of the most renown engineering universities in Germany: RWTH Aachen University.

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More Information

For more information about UniWoT, please visit http://uniwot.europalab.com/ or ✍ contact engineering via email.

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